I am Baran Somaklı. A filter coffee lover man who is trying to live a minimal life.

When I started these things in 2012, I was just developing my interface and WordPress themes. After I noticed the idea of design, I started to design an interface. Designing interfaces has made me able to experience the whole process besides improving my front end skills. As a result, I can make better time management and give accurate deadlines in freelance or contractor projects. At the moment I am designing interfaces for my customers as freelancer and developing them as front-end and WordPress.

Also I am trying to share my knowledge and experience on my youtube channel and conferences.

I combined my 7 years of freelance work experience with Basework Studio. Basework Studio is a design and development studio that basically brings your projects to the level you can offer to your users.

You can see the photos I took on my Instagram profile. Check out the open source projects I developed from Github profile. What I share, from my Twitter profile, email him at baran@basework.studio to say hello.

Main Skills.
  • Web and user interface design

    Websites, web experiences, ...

  • Front-End Development

    Html, CSS, JavaScript

  • WordPress Development

    I make fast and customer friendly themes

  • Good design is good business

    It’s not only about beauty, it has to work.

  • Never not learning

    There’s always something new to learn.

  • Get to the root of the problem

    To come up with the best solution

  • Keep it simple

    Why make it complicated?

Use Tool.
  • Brave, VSCode, iTerm 2, Slack, Evernote, Clockify, Todoist, Linear, Google Drive Google, Calendar, Spendee