Design, development 👨🏻‍💻, coffee ☕ & minimalism

I am Baran Somaklı. A filter coffee lover man who is trying to live a minimal life.

When I started these things in 2013, I was just developing my interface and WordPress themes. After I noticed the idea of design, I started to design an interface. Designing interfaces has made me able to experience the whole process besides improving my front end skills. As a result, I can make better time management and give accurate deadlines in freelance or contractor projects. At the moment I am designing interfaces for my customers as freelancer and developing them as front-end and WordPress.

Also I am trying to share my knowledge and experience on my youtube channel and conferences.

I combined my 5 years of freelance work experience with BaseWork Studio. BaseWork Studio is a design and development studio that basically brings your projects to the level you can offer to your users.

You can see the photos I took on my Instagram profile. Check out the open source projects I developed from Github profile. What I share, from my Twitter profile, email him at to say hello.


Freelance 🤟
I have been working freelance for 5 years.
Web and user interface design
Websites, web experiences, ...
Front-End Development
Html, CSS, JavaScript
WordPress Development
I make fast and customer friendly themes.


My life motto is to learn something new from each and every one of my works.
The deadline is the most important.
Simplicity is better than everything, is not it?
Working on projects I love makes me productive.

tools i use .

VSCode, Sketch, Figma, iTerm 2, SourceTree, Slack, Notion, Spark, Todoist, Trello, Google Drive Google Calendar, Abstract, Zeplin, Toggl, Spendee